Multilink Financial Services are fund managers, and we hold a category two license in a supervised agreement with Prime Asset Managers. We use an algorithm with artificial intelligence to choose funds that deliver the best growth. The algorithm uses a quantitative momentum strategy with a ranking system to select the best funds. Because the selection plan is automated, the selection of funds is continuous and likes and dislikes do not affect the process. This automation ensures that you are always in the best funds.

We know how important cost is; therefore, we consider cost a vital driver in selecting the correct fund managers for your plan.

Service delivery always plays a prominent role when choosing a collection of investment platforms (LISP).

Multilink Financial Services uses a robust time-based risk model. Every investment goal is time-sensitive, and this will determine the risk taken. For this reason, goal setting plays an essential role in the risk profile used.

Your first objective should be to answer the question: Why do I want to invest? We will assist you in establishing your investment goals. Whether to send a child to university or to retire comfortably in the Bahamas, Multilink will help you choose the most appropriate funds aligned with your investment goals and terms.

More Than 30 Years Of Experience