The great thing about short-term insurance is that it caters to your changing needs, allowing you cover for your assets without the long-term commitment to one house, one car or one standard of living.

Multilink uses specialist service providers; therefore, you receive expert, need matched insurance when you need it most, at low premiums, ensuring more value for your money.

Document generating software and advanced electronic signatures means convenience for the client on top of time savings.  

Our short-term specialists service clients digitally or face-to-face, whatever your preference, we can accommodate you.

Multilink’s short term insurance offerings include, amongst others:

  • Cyber security insurance 
  • Agri-insurance as well as crop insurance
  • Building Insurance
  • Contractor’s Insurance
  • Home content and vehicle insurance

More Than 30 Years Of Experience

Short term insurance should be managed and matched with your needs. We do exactly that.

Contact us to help you on the next step of your financial journey.