We at Multilink understand that you lead a busy life and that you don’t have time to worry about your short term insurance policies, but everyone wants the best cover at an affordable premium.  So, we are excited to announce a partnership with an independent, digital insurance platform, called Everything.Insure.

This platform allows you to:

  • Receive multiple quotes from top insurers
  • Compare quotes instantly
  • Bind online – no call centre agents
  • Adjust your own excess
  • Register your claims online
  • No paperwork

Scan the QR code or follow the link to get started and see for yourself.

If you want to speak to a short term insurance advisor, please email: shortterm@multilinkfs.co.za and we will contact you.

Multilink’s short term insurance offerings include, amongst others:

  • Cyber security insurance 
  • Agri-insurance as well as crop insurance
  • Building Insurance
  • Contractor’s Insurance
  • Home content and vehicle insurance

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