Would my Death Leave Anyone in a Financial Burden?

If your answer is “yes,” then it may be time to get serious about life insurance. The purpose of life insurance is to provide financial protection to your surviving dependents after your death. It is essential to analyse your financial situation and determine the standard of living needed for your surviving dependents so their lives are not completely disrupted should you no longer be around.

How do we do life cover? We believe less is indeed more when it comes to insurance. Insurance should never be purchased for the sake of having it. 

Let’s explain this concept: Multilink will not over-insure you, ever.

For instance, if your medical aid is sufficient to cover you when you are diagnosed with cancer, we will most likely not sell a critical illness benefit to you. Why not? Because this results in double insurance.

In our tested investment model, life insurance only covers the shortfall that you may experience, as it should be. By this, we mean that life insurance should complement your pension, investments and your other assets. Multilink takes a 360 view of you, the client, addressing your needs and goals we build a financial plan around you. We find the perfect balance between risk cover and investments, and in doing so, you are never over-insured, and you can reinvest surplus money to ensure your legacy.

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